Vestibular Disorders

Older man smiling.

At Rhode Island Integrated Medicine, we  use Cortical Integrative Therapy (CIT), a highly  individualized treatment plan of external brain stimulation to successfully  treat and often resolve difficult cases of vertigo and related vestibular  disorders.  

Vestibular disorders  can cause vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, changes in hearing as well as nausea,  fatigue, the inability to concentrate, and other symptoms. This type of  disorder can profoundly affect a person's ability to lead a normal, productive  life. Following lower-back pain, vertigo or dizziness is reported by patients  to be the second most common medical problem. Symptoms are greatly varied.  Vertigo and dizziness may involve the sensation of spinning, lightheadedness,  floating or rocking, of being pulled in one direction or heavily weighted, and a  condition called mal de debarquement (a sense of motion that persists following  a cruise).

Causes of Vestibular Disorders

The causes of  vestibular system disorders are varied—from viral and bacterial infections,  allergies that adversely impact middle ear pressure, head trauma, exposure to  harmful chemicals and drugs, tumors, migraines, aging, and cervical disc/neck  pain to adjusting to hyperventilation, adjustment to eye glasses, dehydration,  arteriosclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, as well as stress, tension, and   fatigue.

Risk Assessment for Falling

According to the CDC  (Centers for Disease Control), falls are the #1 cause of accident death for  seniors. Using sophisticated diagnostic equipment, we are able to assess if you  are at an increased risk of losing your balance and falling.  We are also  experienced in helping patients to substantially improve their gait and ability  to walk without assistance.

Treatment Outcomes

The majority of our  patients who are treated for vestibular disorders experienced significant  reduction, or even a complete elimination of symptoms. Many have been able to  return to gainful employment and the activities of an active lifestyle. And the  gains that we achieve? They vary from patient and patient, but most gains are long lasting. From a patient's first appointment, we are often able to demonstrate the power of CIT by either reducing or  temporarily eliminating symptoms. It should be noted that we achieve the best  outcomes with patients who are taking no or low levels of pain medication.

Our treatment team  for vertigo and other vestibular disorders is headed by Dr. Victor M. Pedro who  is credentialed by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board as a certified  Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist (VRS).      

If you or a loved one  suffer from a properly diagnosed vestibular disorder and have not found  adequate relief from conventional forms of treatment, there is an excellent  chance that we will be able to permanently improve your quality of life. For  more information, please contact us.